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Gyanodaya SBI e-learning login at

Sbi E Learning

SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal is for the employee to get recent updates and changes in their services. To get it you need to log in or signup into the SBI HRMS and Gyanodaya through .

The HRMS (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) is compulsory for every employee of SBI, the HRMS changes the internet banking experience consequently. So every SBI employee can view the latest changes and opt for the changes easily. 

It is important to complete the e-learning program of every employee for Gyanodaya certification, for now, the employee should hold a maximum of one certificate.

The certificate helps the employee to apply for any job or a promotion. So the SBI states the certificate is compulsory to apply for a promotion.

So you can get the certificate from the SBI e-learning website or else the SBI Gyanodaya website.

SBI Gyanodaya

How to get SBI E learning Certificates

The first step to get the e-learning certificate is to log in to the SBI e-learning portal. The SBI gives you a username and password which helps you to log in to the portal. If you remember the username and password then follow the steps below to know how to login into the e-learning portal.

  1. Open any browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the address bar and type
  3. Next, select the login button which is in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Type your username and password.
  5. Click on the sign-in option or press enter.
  6. You will see the dashboard of the SBI e-learning page after successful login.

If you doesn’t have a username and password or you forgotten the username or password then you can get form mailing to the HR. you can get the username and password within 2 or 3 days after mailing to HR.


After the training was completed for the employee or after applying for the e-learning certificate where the employee would claim the certificate. So you can get form the e-learning certificate from the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal.

For Award Staff:

To get a certificate for the cash-in charge employees who are known as Award staff, they can apply for the certificate after the first training session is completed in portal. Next step, they would need to attend the nearby workshops and they would give a seminar to claim the certificate under the knowledge and information-based.

For Officers:

To get the certificate to the officers, they must be under or between the scale level of 1 to 5. Officers would need to apply for the certificate through the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal. After applying for the certificates you need to go to the nearby workshops for training. After successful completion of training, the online exam will be conducted, if you get the minimum pass marks you can get the knowledge-based certificate.


HRMS portal provides the employee to check their basic knowledge, banking services, and to check the salary slip. The HRMS is for all the employees and users of the SBI.


 The Gyanodaya portal is very useful for every employee.  For promotions, every employee can get a certificate from this website.

Types of certification:

  1. Internal certification
  2. External certification

The employee can get the recent changes and updates from this website.

SBI employee level and promotion level scale shown in below:

Award staffOfficer cardeCP/ associate certificate
Officer of scale 1Of Scale 2RBI mandated and external
Officers of scale 2Of scale 3RBI mandated and external
Officers of scale 3,4,5Of scale 4,5,6RBI mandated and external

Exemption for their certificate:

The employees who want to be exempted for their Gyanodaya certification would need to talk to the corresponding HR.


If you have any related queries you can also contact the SBI gyanodaya e-learning center. 24/7 the SBI gyanodaya certification team will help you regarding any questions you have.

Email to the they will help you as quickly as possible.

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