CCLA Telangana 2020: Adangal Pahani & ROR-1B at

CCLA Telangana portal Phani & ROR-1B, Adangal land record at


Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Government of Telangana Portal Overview

Telangana government has announced a new land record website named as Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Telangana Portal. The citizens of Telangana state now can check the land record documents, Phani & ROR-1B, and Adangal details at a single website.

The people of the state can apply for the documents to get certified prints of them. Through this portal, everyone can check about the land records using mobile phones at any time. The portal will save time as well. Without visiting to the office the person can get all details.

CCLA Telangana

Services Available at CCLA Telangana Portal

The CCLA TS portal includes the following services:

  • Adangal
  • Account bound with aadhaar
  • Phani details
  • Record of Rights 1B (ROR-1B) Details
  • Make correction in land record online
  • Apply for Phani
  • ROR-1B village details
CCLA Telangana

How to Check Phani or Adangal in CCLA Telangana Portal

Follow the below steps to check your Phani/Adangal details in CCLATelangana Portal:

  1. Open Chrome and go to the official portal of CCLA Telangana.
  2. Select the ‘Know Your Land Status’ option located on the Homepage.
  3. Click on the Phani & ROR-1B link.
  4. On the next page, select your district, Division, Mandal, Village, Khata No, or Buyer name or Seller Name or Mutation Date.
  5. Enter the security code in the given field.
  6. Check all the details that you enter.
  7. Click on the Get Details button to show the Phani/Adangal details.

How to take Copies of the Document Forms

The user can also print the various document forms through the same portal just follow the steps to understand the process.

  1. Firstly, go to the official portal using the link.
  2. Select the ‘Government Forms’ link.
  3. It will take you to the Telangana state portal.
  4. Click on the option to view and take print.

How to check Transaction Details

To know how to check the transaction details follow the steps:

  1. Open the official portal on your browser.
  2. Click on the Deed Details option.
  3. On the next page, you need to enter the details.
  4. Select the district, Mandal, Locality, Registration Year, Flat No, survey No, or House No.
  5. Re-check the entered details.
  6. Click on the Search Button to get the details.

How to Check Tax Details in Telangana

To check tax details follow the process.

  1. Visit the official Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Telangana portal.
  2. Click on your land status option.
  3. Scroll down to view the Property Tax Payment details section.
  4. Click on the corresponding tax and enter the details.
  5. The next page will show the Tax Payment details.

How to View Cadastral Maps of Rural in TS

To view cadastral maps please follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the CCLA Telangana Portal.
  2. Click on the ‘Your land status’ option.
  3. On the next page, click on the ‘Cadastral maps of the rural areas’ link.
  4. Select district, Division, Mandal, and Village.
  5. Or else enter the survey number.
  6. Click on enter to view the area.

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