Bageshwar Dham Online Registration, Ticket Booking, Price & Online Token Taken

Bageshwar Dham Online Registration, Ticket Booking, Price & Online Token Taken

Bageshwar Dham

Bageshwar Dham Sarkar is renowned in India and around the world for its miraculous properties, with devotees believing that their wishes and prayers are granted at this sacred location. However, due to the large number of people present, it is not possible to accommodate all devotees at once.

The officers of the Bageshwar Dham government manage the token booking system and other arrangements. Official websites, including, provide information on the requirements and process for purchasing token tickets for darshan or worship at Bageshwar Dham.

bageswar dham ticket
bageswar dham ticket

Online registration for Bageshwar Dham Every devotee aspires to complete their application and visit Bageshwar Dham at least once in their lifetime. To accommodate those unable to visit the Bageshwar Dham government in person, an online application process has been introduced. To proceed, individuals must reserve a token for Bageshwar Dham. However, the officials at Bageshwar Dham have not yet determined the timing or method for redistributing the tokens.

Bageshwar Dham Sarkar

The last token distribution at Bageshwar Dham occurred on September 20, 2023, for the months of October and November. The next distribution of tokens will occur after November 2023 since the tokens for October and November have already been allocated. As a result, the applications and documents of devotees who received tokens on September 20 and 23 will be processed over the next two months. Devotees who have not yet received the Bageshwar Dham Token Booking will receive it in December or January 2023, following November 2023.

Procedure for Bageshwar Dham Token Booking

The process of reserving tokens for Bageshwar Dham darshan is free of charge and does not require any token fees. Devotees visit Bageshwar Dham to experience the divine darshan of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, a significant Hindu religious center where numerous devotees offer prayers and seek blessings from Bageshwar Dham Sakha. The Bageshwar Dham Service Committee provides valuable and dedicated services to Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, ensuring trust and excellence.

To obtain a Bageshwar Dham Token, you need to fill in and submit the following information at a designated box:

Required Data for Bageshwar Dham Token:

  • Your name
  • Father’s name
  • Name of your village
  • District
  • State along with pin code
  • Mobile number

How and where to get the Bageshwar Dham Token? You can acquire a token for Bageshwar Dham Maharaj from a specified location. Once you submit an application to Bageshwar Dham, the staff will distribute “Bageshwar Dham Tokens.” Since tokens are distributed only once a month, you need to visit Bageshwar Dham on a specific day to obtain one.

When you visit Bageshwar Dham, inquire about the next token distribution and obtain the Bageshwar Dham Token accordingly. Information regarding the Bageshwar Dham Token is provided periodically. It is important to note that your application will not be considered by Bageshwar Dham until you have obtained the token.

  1. 1.where is bageshwar dham situated?
    Shri Balaji Maharaj is located in village-Gadha Post-Ganj District-Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

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